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Like a Child

Join us as we explore the fundamental truths we teach our DHC kids, and how they can apply to our own adult lives. 

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Jonah: Man on the Run

What can we learn from the story of Jonah? 

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When in Doubt

In this brand new series we're talking about all things doubt. We’ll be touching on issues that we all struggle with, ranging from “Can God really use me?” to “Can I believe in God and science?” So if you have your doubts—bring ‘em!


Easter 2024

Join us as we celebrate Easter 2024!

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No Big Deal

In today’s world, certain sins have become acceptable. We all commit them and make excuses. We say, “everybody does it,” “it is what it is,” “it’s no big deal!” The problem is, it is a big deal. These sins impact our life and the lives of others. Join us this series as we shed some light on 3 common sins we all commit and how to find healing in those areas.

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Big Questions

This series we're looking at those big questions we all have, but perhaps we're afriad to ask! Let's get those tough topics onto the table and find out what God has to say about them!

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Let's Do This

With the new year, we always look to do new things — to make changes, to kick habits, to make a difference. But because we’re human, we quickly lose steam and many times give up. What if 2024 could be different? What if this is the year you change your world?

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Do Not Be Afraid (Christmas 2024)

This Christmas season we are looking at three stories that surround Jesus’ birth. In each instance, the angel told Mary, Joseph, and the Sheperds to not be afraid. Let’s find out what scared them, why they didn’t need to be afraid, and why we don’t need to be afraid either!

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Everyone loves a good cleanse—that opportunity to hit the reset in our lives. This series we’re going to put a spotlight on some behaviors, attitudes, relationships, and even religious practices that are toxic. Our goal is to then use God’s word to help us cleanse our lives and start fresh!

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Not Normal

Scripture is clear—Christians are to be different than the World. But what exactly does that mean? Join us as we find out what it looks like to be different, to go against the grain, to be…Not Normal.

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Blessed & Stressed

What do you do when your faith and your feelings aren’t exactly matching up? Let’s talk about it! 

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Surviving South Florida

Each week, we’re going to be taking a look at issues that we, in South Florida, struggle with most. We’ll see what God’s word has to say about our struggles and learn how to apply His truth to help us not just survive but thrive!

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Throughout this series, we're taking a look at the life of Peter; a man who started off as an ordinary fisherman, but with the power of God, turned into an extraordinary disciple. 

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More Than A Name

Adam and Eve...Moses...Mary and Joseph...Judas!

To hear their name is to know their story. But what about the nameless individuals who crossed paths with Christ? The people whose lives left an indelible mark on this world, yet we have no idea who they are? Join us as we set out to tell their stories.

Decisions, Descisions Lead Image FINAL.png


Scripture teaches us that all of life is connected. The decisions we make today determine who are where we will be tomorrow. In this series, we will examine four specific decisions that can impact the direction and quality of our life. 

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What does it look like to live a life of service? As a Christian, we are called to serve others. But, what does that mean? And what does that look like at DHC?

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The "This Changes Everything" series is our countdown to Easter. We'll be taking a look at two events at the end of Jesus' ministry that changed the way His followers understood God, the world, themselves, the past and the future. 



Through this new series, "Not Today, Satan!", we're focusing on temptation - what it is, how it affects us, and, most importantly, we're going to be looking at the tools God gives us to resist it!

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A recent Gallup poll was released that said only 31% of Americans would rate their mental health as excellent! We can blame COVID or inflation, but the truth is many of us are not in a good place. During this series, we're going to learn how to shake off the negativity and start 2023 on the right foot. Let's find out what scripture has to say about living a more positive life. 

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In this brand-new series, “I Am,” we’re taking a look at the famous “I am” statements of Jesus — these vivid descriptions He used to tell the world exactly who He is.

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2000 years ago God launched His plan to save the world. It would change lives, it would shatter stereotypes, and it would prove that God loves us. Christmas is the story of hope, and it came at just the right time.

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During this series, we are doing one thing and one thing only—  forgiveness. We're doing a deep dive into what the scripture has to say about forgivingness, and then were gonna fid out how to practically apply it to our lives SO THAT…we might be able to hit the reset…..on our relationships with ourselves, others, and God.

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The Gospels show us that people who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus-- and He liked them back! Can the same be said for Christians today? Do unbelievers feel comfortable and safe in your presence or do they feel condemned and judged? We may understand Jesus' teachings, but have we mastered His methods? What would it look like if we actually followed Jesus' lead in our interactions with others?

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The Bible says when we become Christians, the Holy Spirit makes us look more like Jesus. The evidence of this life change is known as the Fruit of the Spirit. While only God can produce the fruit, it’s our responsibility to cultivate it. Are you ready to become the person you and God always wanted you to be?

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Jesus asked asked 307 questions, He was asked 183 questions, and He answered fewer than 10! It would seem He believes we can learn more from His questions than we can His answers. In this series, we explore 4 of Jesus’ questions to find out what we can learn about ourselves.

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After preaching the gospel, Paul finds himself locked in prison - not knowing if he would be released or executed. If you found yourself in a similar situation and you knew there were people on the outside who loved you, who looked to you for wisdom and guidance….what would you want them to know? What would you tell them? If you knew your time was running out, what last minute wisdom would you want to impart? Find out what Paul wanted to share in this series, "Prison Letters."

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What would make you happy? A bigger house or a better job? More money? An Instagram-worthy vacation? None of these things are bad! And most of these things can bring you happiness… but it’s fleeting. What would make you truly happy?

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2800 years ago, the times were dark. The kings were evil and God's people had lost their way. Until one man took a stand. Join us as we journey alongside Elijah in this series.

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The Ten Commandments are the most famous set of rules the world has ever seen. You may not have them memorized or know where to find them in scripture, but you know they exist and you know they’re important! But why are they important? How do these ancient rules impact our lives today? Join us as we explore The Big Ten!

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One fateful night 2,000 years ago, Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus stepped out the front door of that manger, faced the cold wind, and somehow knew this was just the beginning. Just the three of them. Three who would change the world, but that journey would not be easy. In this series, we relive the Christmas story and focus on the three people from the very first Christmas.



It’s November, which means the holidays are almost upon us! Are you ready for house guests, Thanksgiving at the in-laws, and office Christmas parties? Deep breaths — we have you covered! Join us during this series to find out how to survive the holidays.

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Jesus was a master storyteller. For three years, He used fictional stories to impart real truths to His followers. For those willing to listen, these stories would change their lives. 

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Life isn’t always easy. There are decisions to make and problems to solve but often we don’t know where to turn for advice. We've been told the Bible has all the answers, but where do you even begin? What if we got the opportunity to ask God? What if God hopped on social media and posted to His followers: "I'm here. Ask my anything!" What would you ask?

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Tension exists in Christianity — it always has— but that makes us uncomfortable. We think that tension threatens the truth, competes with it, or perhaps even waters it down. However, tension actually amplifies the truth! We believe that God allows for tension so that we can understand Him in a bigger way!

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When we're pushed to our limit, we have a choice to make. Will we choose the path of least resistance, or will we have the courage to Take a Stand?


In this four-part series, learn about Daniel and the important points in his life when he stood for God. 

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It was broken in 9th grade. It swells with pride when you see your children succeed. It fills with warmth when you see that certain someone. We’re talking about your heart!  But according to scripture, we can get heart problems. Left to linger, these heart issues can take over our life. In this series, we talk about four common heart problems and what we can do to break free from them.

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Every once in a while, Jesus would make a statement that made folks scratch their heads— perhaps you've been there, too! In this series, we dive into some of the wild statements that Jesus made that would go on to change the world.

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In this series, we are taking a look at little nuggets of wisdom handed down from the wisest man that ever lived — Solomon. Our hope is that if we can begin to not just understand, but apply, these bite size pieces of wisdom to our everyday life, they will make our lives better and help us to be better at life.

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There comes a time in all of our lives when we are presented with God's Honest Truth. It can be uncomfortable, it can challenge the way we think, it can demand that we reprioritize our life... but if we have the courage to listen and embrace it, the truth can change our lives and set us free.

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2000 years ago God launched His plan to save the world. It would change lives, it would shatter stereotypes, and it would prove that God loves us. Christmas is the story of hope, and it came at just the right time.

2020 TSIR lead image FINAL.png


2020 has been a wild year! During this series, we’ll be taking a look at 3 areas in our lives that have been most impacted and we'll see what scripture has to say about finding some healing!

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As Americans, we are blessed with the freedom of speech, but often it’s that very right that gets us into hot water! Join us as we explore what Scripture has to say about the power of words.

Road Ahead Lead Image FINAL.png


For over 30 years, Paul travelled around the Mediterranean spreading the news about Jesus Christ and would go on to write over half the New Testament. We are well acquainted with his wisdom, but do we really know his story? In this series, we join Paul on his journey to meet the man behind the scripture. 

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In this series we take an in-depth look at what happened before it all happened! Those thousands of years before Jesus stepped on the scene is steeped with amazing stories and truths! Join us as we take a look.

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Are we better off without God?

It's a question that culture has been asking more frequently over the last few decades. In this series, we let a recent scientific study about Christianity guide our exploration of this age-old question.

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2000 years ago, Jesus delivered a message that was extreme, it was dynamic, it was a lightening rod, and it changed the world forever.

Easter 2020.jpg


On the evening of the first Easter, the disciples found themselves locked behind closed doors. As we find ourselves in a similar situation 2020 years later, it's important for us to embrace the freedoms found in the resurrection. Join us for a celebratory message about the greatest event in the history of mankind!

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Prayer is one of the greatest tools ever handed to Christians and, yet, so often we feel as though we have no idea how to use it. What do we say? Does it actually work? Is God really listening? This series, our goal is to give you the confidence to speak to God in a way that you never have before. 

IAIYH Lead Image FINAL.png


So many of our problems — or perceived problems — take up residence in our heads. This series aims at putting a spotlight on these issues and using scripture to find the solution 

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Welcome to Love Connection, where old fashion romance meets modern day South Florida.

SW3 Lead Graphic.png


One fateful night 2000 years ago, Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus stepped out the front door of that manger, faced the cold wind, and somehow knew this was just the beginning. Just the three of them. Three who would change the world, but that journey would not be easy, but they were up for the challenge...



Imagine what your life would be like if you had perfect confidence that there was a God who knew your name and would never leave you. Imagine having a faith that was bigger than your problems. Imagine a faith that could sustain you through trials, temptations, and even success. Imagine peace without fear. Imagine a faith that allowed you to just trust God — no matter what!

This year, that’s where God wants to take you!

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We all forget things…. cellphones, people’s names, even anniversaries! But sometimes, we remember things didn’t actually happen!  Most times this isn’t a big deal. But, what happens when we build a theology on scripture... that never really existed? 

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Many adults learned about Santa Claus and God at the same time. And, while their understanding of Santa evolved, their concept of God did not. As a result, our childhood faith didn't hold up to the pressures of adulthood. What if we could start over? Join us as we hit the reset button on our faith and rebuild an understanding of God that can stand up to anything! 

6 Things Over Time 16x9 Title.jpg


What you do over time in the life of a kid matters. We believe there are six things you can intentionally do today to make the precious time you have make a bigger impact. It's just a phase... so don't miss it!

Seemingly Impossible Lead.png


One of the last things Jesus did before He left this world was to instruct His disciples to teach the world HIS commandments. As the disciples looked back over Jesus’ teachings, they realized His commands were strikingly simple, yet incredibly demanding. In fact, they were seemingly impossible! In this series we examine the challenges Jesus put before us.

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As a child, did you ever decide to run away from home? Maybe as an adult you decided you would run away from God. At some level, many of us are on the run from Him. What happens when we know what's wise, but we choose otherwise? Find out in this series, Run.

Greatest Hits graphic.png


While the Bible is filled with amazing wisdom, certain sections stand out. Those popular verses, stories, or principles have become famous! Are they just some pop hit? Have we forgotten why these verses transformed the world? Let’s dig in the crates to discover the Bible’s Greatest Hits.

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Wherever we are, we’re never really settled. We’re always thinking about what's next... graduation, new job, marriage, maybe even divorce? Transitions can be stressful because we can't see the future. What if you could do something now to influence where you end up then? Let’s prepare for what’s next.

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Jesus loved people. Whats so amazing is that people who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus — and he liked them back! Religion called them sinners, society called them outcasts, but Jesus called them friends.  Can the same be said for christians today? Do unbelievers feel comfortable and safe in your presence, or do they feel condemned and judged? We may understand Jesus’ teachings, but have we mastered his method? For Jesus, it wasn’t necessarily about being right…it was about creating a relationship. What would it look like if we followed Jesus' lead in our interactions with others? 



2,000 years ago an event occurred that changed the fabric of this universe. It marked the end of death and the beginning of life! Listen as we discuss three practical things we can learn from the empty tomb.

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The Bible is filled with stories of Jesus miraculously healing people, but can this happen to us? Are these tales of healing just fiction or can they be our reality? From our health, to our relationships, to our past, Jesus has the power to heal us from the inside out! 

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Social Media itself may not be the problem, but it's certainly spotlighting the issues in our life. Let's get a fresh start in 2019.

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The Christmas season is the greatest time of year. We love the decorations, the music, and the gifts! But, when it comes to the actual story of Christmas, doesn’t it sometimes feel like its the same old thing? A baby in a manger and some wiseman. Every year, same story. How did we let such a special story lose its magic? This year, let’s change that!



Thanksgiving has the potential to be a great holiday, but for many of us it's a reminder of broken relationships. How can we make this year different? Find out during this message from Downtown Harbor Church.

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If someone asked you to explain your faith, could you? Sure, we might be able to handle the Jesus part, but what about creation? Heaven and Hell? The reliability of the Bible? Join us for this series where we take a look at some of the most important aspects of Christianity.

What Seems Impossible Main Graphic.png


Have you ever looked at your community and noticed a problem? You find yourself saying, "Someone's got to do something about that!" What if that someone was you? This November, find out what happens when we step up to respond to the burden God places on our hearts.

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He was there at the beginning of creation, the birth of Jesus, the resurrection, and he lives in the heart of all believers. And yet, so little is known about him. This two-week series is an in-depth study of the Holy Spirit.

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You've heard of him before... The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
But he was real. He was chosen by God. He slayed giants, he honored those above him... and he messed up BIG time. But God used him anyway. It was an extraordinary life - one of the most famous in history. We're talking about the Life of David.

DHC-LCF Lead Graphic.png


Fiction. It's made up. It's not true. But it sure is impactful. Why do you think Jesus walked this earth and used fiction to prove his most powerful points? For this series, we take a look at four of the most powerful parables that Jesus told to teach people of the time some impactful lessons.


Power of Thought JPEG.001.jpeg

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are out of control? Or, maybe they’re controlling and consuming your peace? From conquering worry to having peace about making large decisions for your future, Jesus has some answers for bringing order to your disorder.

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